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Basic Guide to Workflow ?

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Re: Basic Guide to Workflow ?

Post by umpausewhat » 05 Oct 2010, 16:07

The only way I think I could be happier is to learn that Acrobat also has a batch option...
Haven't looked back at the thread in a while. Glad the Clearscan option seems to be helpful. I just wanted to mention that in Acrobat, if you have a document open and go to the "OCR text recognition" task under the "Document" button, it gives you an option to recognize text in multiple files, which I think will do your batch processing for you.

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Re: Basic Guide to Workflow ?

Post by KiwiScanner2 » 07 Jun 2012, 14:44

An old thread but updating it for completeness....

Acrobat Professional does have a very powerful batch processing capability, in Acrobat 8 Pro it can be found under Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing.

There are a variety of commands you can access to run accross whatever PDF files you select - including the ability to run javascript etc. It can be used to run Acrobats OCR tools which are fairly reasonably as well as adding watermarks, cropping pages etc etc

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