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Re: ST suggestions and feature requests go here.

Posted: 04 Dec 2011, 11:15
by dtic
I completed the script and posted about it in a separate thread ... f=8&t=1249

Re: ST suggestions and feature requests go here.

Posted: 22 Dec 2011, 16:58
by JonEP
Hi all,

I use ST quite a lot (one Windows 7, with L and R images from my DIY Scanner). I manually select the text box, which is a great help. One thing that would be wonderful to integrate into ST would be a de-keystoning tool, that could worked in to the manual selection process -- instead of selecting a rectangular part of the page image, if one could select the four corners that would make up a rectangle, and if ST could then transform the image to conform it to a rectangle (de-keystoning the image), that would be wonderful. Because of the way my system is rigged, with the platen traveling up and down past the cameras, it is impossible for me to position the cameras properly to completely eliminate keystoning. I realize there are other tools that might do this for me, but post-processing is already too labor intensive as it is, so having the option to use just ST and to de-keystone as part of that, would be great.

I know development on ST and its various enhancements proceeds in fits and starts. I know that it is not under active development. So, well, I don't really expect action on this. But I appreciate the space to voice my request. Thanks!