Daniel Reetz, the founder of the DIY Book Scanner community, has recently started making videos of prototyping and shop tips. If you are tinkering with a book scanner (or any other project) in your home shop, these tips will come in handy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0gq8 ... g_8K1nfInQ

Nor Cal?

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Nor Cal?

Post by revjoe » 15 Dec 2011, 00:24

Anyone in northern California interested in a get-together / workshop / collaboration?

I am working on a new build now, and have already started thinking of what I want to do after I get done with this one, perhaps a portable, or auto page turner addition.


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Re: Nor Cal?

Post by Gershtopia » 18 Dec 2011, 20:38

I am in Mountain View, and would be interested in collaborating. I have a lot of ideas about book scanning and look forward to meeting with someone as enthusiastic about it as I am. Where are you located?

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Re: Nor Cal?

Post by revjoe » 19 Dec 2011, 17:42

I live by Davis, up by Sacramento. I will shoot you a PM with my email address and we can see what can happen.

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Re: Nor Cal?

Post by daniel_reetz » 20 Dec 2011, 15:14

There is a hackerspace in Oakland called Ace Monster Toys. They have open meetings every Thursday. Al Jigen Billings is my contact there, as well as our member Miles. They have built a few scanners, including a New Standard style unit, a laser cut unit, and they also have the pieces for one of my new CNC cut scanners.

Maybe you should contact them? They are about halfway in between Sunnyvale and Davis. I only wish I was still living in Richmond so I could personally introduce you guys.

Let me know via email if you'd like an email introduction to Al and the Ace Monster Toys crew. They are really great, I really enjoyed my time with them when I was in the bay area.

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