Daniel Reetz, the founder of the DIY Book Scanner community, has recently started making videos of prototyping and shop tips. If you are tinkering with a book scanner (or any other project) in your home shop, these tips will come in handy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0gq8 ... g_8K1nfInQ

Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

A place to introduce yourself, and to meet other awesome people.
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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by cidrolin » 20 Oct 2009, 12:09

I was embarrassed and proud all at once. :D
Mixed feelings, I know that...

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by w_m0zart » 21 Oct 2009, 17:59

About me: sometimes I type too fast and then characters get mingled. My username should have been w_m0zart, but for this forum it has been w_mz0art.

Anyway I got attracted to this forum, because it was writing about scantailor. I am currently trying to find out how to build it on a mac.

See more about it here:
https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/scan ... =8&start=0
And here:

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by rob » 21 Oct 2009, 18:34

I think I can change your username to w_m0zart.... Let me know if you want me to change it, and I'll do so.

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by Lagerfeld » 25 Oct 2009, 12:27

Hi everyone! My name is Lagerfeld, and for several years I'm a big fan of book digitizing. All those years I've been using my old Canon scanner, but several days ago i discovered this gorgeous site, so I'm planning to bulid my a DYI scanner in the nearest future. Already made some sketches, but some questions appeared too, hope we will collaborate in the name of making books available for everybody on earth! :D

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by gnu2009 » 31 Oct 2009, 19:53

Hello all,

I stumbled and have been lurking for a few weeks. It's been cool to see the different approaches ya'll have taken. I like the "open-source" approach. As soon as I flesh out my own ideas a bit, I'll start building my own and share what I can. (Primarily it'll be used to digitize handwritten journals, out-of-print gov't publications, and the such.)

Thanks for sharing,


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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by jacko » 01 Nov 2009, 23:11

Hi, everybody,
my name is Joaquin and I'm from Asturias*, Spain, but I live in Stoke-on-Trent, England, at the moment. I don't like to give people a hard time with foreign names, so I let everybody call me Jack (in fact, I like that name more than Joaquin). I finished a degree in maths from UC Berkeley a few years back, but I never made any use of it. I hate wearing long trousers, so I ended up getting a job with Royal Mail, a company that lets me get away with it. Another thing I hate is big, heavy books, especially in my backpack (where, ideally, I would like all my possessions to fit), and this is how I got curious about this book-scanning project. Even back in uni I used to avoid courses for which big textbooks were required. I'm not a very sentimental person, so I think I'll end up ScanSnapping all my books (with the possible exception of "The Best of James Herriot"), but I've found it very interesting to read about many of the good ideas and the work of the members of this forum. I have some modest C++ and mathematics skills, and I think this is the only way I might be able to contribute. If Tulon or Rob have some homework for me, for example something quite mathematical or that would be too tedious for them, I could have a go. I obviously can't promise anything, and I could only start work only after Christmas. This is that time of the year for us postmen, and I won't be having too much spare time in the next couple of months.

The current situation with ebooks reminds me of mp3's in the late '90s. We had the files, but we didn't have the hardware to go with it. Getting the ebook files seems a bit more complicated than ripping CDs, but it seems you people are doing a good job of trying to sort it out. Decent hardware for ebooks is only starting to be available now, but there'll be improvements very soon--Plastic Logic, Pixel Qi tablet, DMFC batteries... Your library in your backpack; I think it's all very exciting.


* I believe there's another Asturian in this forum, right? Pasa, tronco!! Soy de Castropol, y tu?

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by incog » 02 Nov 2009, 20:21

Hi, I'm incog.

I'm an archivalist by hobby and often work with the MESS project in locating and dumping the ROMs from rare and obscure computers which would be otherwise lost to history (eproms have a much shorter lifespan than paper :(). As a collector of those binary dinosaurs I have a lot of paper work that came bundled with them. I also have a silly hobby of collecting travel guides to countries that no-longer exist.

I'm currently building a scanner now, I'm not too crazy about woodwork but thankfully my good old Dad is helping me, he was a builder by trade. It's moving along faster than I had planned!

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by Hasher » 02 Nov 2009, 21:26


I have been posting for some time on the board but I thought I should finally post something here about why I am building a bookscanner. My day job is an Aircraft maintenance engineer and my main motivation for building a bookscanner is to make my referance books easier to carry with me around the country as I work . This week I move to another town 2000km's away for work and have to take 7 heavy boxes of books with me but hopefully this will be the last time it will happen. Next time I hope to be able to carry only a USB key :-D

I guess I will make a second version of a book scanner which will be more portable , at least something that can be packed into a briefcase . I also collect aviation books , especailly ones from the golden era of flight pre 1940. Most I find online and some at book sales but also I get donated some from fellow engineers.

My next task after the bookscanner is making a machine to scan micorfiche to the computer . Have a huge store of information for aircraft and genological information that is almost unaccessable.

I enjoy watching this community grow and others ideas on how to build bookscanners. I feel we have a long way to go but I can see great things coming from this forum.



Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by Ann » 03 Nov 2009, 16:28

Hey All - I'm Ann and my husband and I are Nautical Archaeologists and Maritime Historians. We founded our non-profit Maritime Heritage Minnesota in 2005 and are currently assessing shipwrecks in Lake Superior in Duluth, MN, and two steamers in the Mississippi River near Aitkin, MN. If you are interested in seeing some stuff we've done, our web site is http://www.maritimeheritagemn.org and our Facebook fan page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maritime- ... 557?ref=nf

I have a BA in Anthropology Specializing in Archaeology, a MA in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology, and a PhD in Maritime Egyptology. We've got a bunch of historical documents we need to digitize!

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Re: Post something about yourself here (The Hello Thread)

Post by Misty » 06 Nov 2009, 17:13

Hi, everyone. My name is Misty; I'm an archivist working for the County of Brant Public Library in Ontario. I've been working on a digitization project working primarily with archival records and books, for which I cobbled together an extremely simplistic scanning cradle. I've been looking at upgrading it into something actually real for the next project - there's a lot of helpful information here!
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