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Making Books for the Kindle Store

Posted: 22 Jun 2011, 16:56
by JDSimmons
The Kindle Store publishes books that are in the public domain, so if you have a rare or unusual book you can make an e-book out of it and sell it there. I did that with this book: ... 686&sr=1-8

I've written a chapter in my e-book book that explains how to make an EPUB into a Kindle Store-ready ebook. (The rest of the book tells you how to make the EPUB): ... ing-epubs/

I donated Plain Text and HTML versions of the book to Project Gutenberg. While those have been downloaded hundreds of times the Kindle Store version has yet to make a single sale. Putting public domain books on the Kindle Store won't make you rich, but I can't think of a good reason NOT to do it.

The Project Gutenberg title may be found here:

I'm proofing another book, The Big Book of Aviation for Boys, and should have that in the store soon. That probably won't sell either.