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My library's digitization project

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My library's digitization project

Post by Misty » 11 Dec 2009, 11:57

Hopefully I'm not getting too self-promotional here! I wanted to share my library's digitization project, which I'm responsible for. We partnered with a local historical society to digitize a collection of materials about the founder of the town of Paris, and used that as the basis for a project about the history of the town in general. Some of the items were digitized using a flatbed scanner, while others were done using an incredibly MacGuyvered, super simplistic cradle and a Canon PowerShot G10 camera. (We're looking to upgrade from that to a proper self-made one for our next project, which is why I've been posting here.)
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Re: My library's digitization project

Post by daniel_reetz » 12 Dec 2009, 11:00

Misty wrote:Hopefully I'm not getting too self-promotional here!
When it comes to digitizing materials and putting them online in an open way, you couldn't be self-promotional enough. Nice work.

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