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This is why I need a book scanner

Posted: 25 Dec 2010, 22:16
by Joe Reeser
History of Sandusky County, Ohio with Portraits and Biographies of Prominent Citizens and Pioneers Originally Published by H.Z. Williams & Bro., Cleveland, Ohio 1882 ... -Ohio-1882

Books like this can be difficult to find. I don't use them for the history, although that's interesting. I use them for genealogical research. I spent a couple of months of hunting this one down. While I did not scan this book, I did do the OCR (Omnipage Pro 14) and all the formatting (OpenOffice). It takes way too long. lol But now it's available to everyone and I believe that's a very excellent thing.

Keep up the good work here. I plan on starting a build very soon.