Daniel Reetz, the founder of the DIY Book Scanner community, has recently started making videos of prototyping and shop tips. If you are tinkering with a book scanner (or any other project) in your home shop, these tips will come in handy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0gq8 ... g_8K1nfInQ

Scanner Rental?

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Scanner Rental?

Post by sjbgpr » 19 Aug 2011, 11:11

I would like to "rent" someone's book scanner to scan just a few books. The books I want to scan contain numbers,symbols and some charts so I don't think they can be "OCR'ed". I have a laptop and a full copy of acrobat. If I could come over and use your scanner that would be great especially since I am new to book scanning. Manhattan,Brooklyn or Staten Island works best. Please let me know what you would like for rental costs. I am new to this site so I don't have any posts but I have been on ebay for 10+ years my ebay I'd is Stevie2b.
I can be reached via email sjb917-email@yahoo.com



Re: Scanner Rental?

Post by dssmith » 25 Aug 2011, 10:27

I'd be interested in this too. I have a lot of text books this semester and it would be easier to carry around my 5lb laptop rather than 50lbs of books. Is anyone near the Louisville or Cincinnati area that would let me use their scanner for an hour? I'd happily throw some money at you.

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