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Re: DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available!

Posted: 26 Jan 2018, 14:17
by gutto12
daniel_reetz wrote:
23 Jan 2018, 21:47
Hey, it's cool. Please let me know if your shop is able to do it. Fact is, I probably did not explain this well enough on the Archivist pages.
Hi Daniel,
It seems that everything is working !! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Here is a test cut:
In the last image, show two pieces of 9mm that will be glued to form 18mm. (The maximum laser capacity is 9mm)

Two Issues:

1. I need help in this regard: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3479

2. The "Cradle Wing, the company can not open the file, which is in .STL ... If anyone has in another file type: .DXF or .DWG...


Re: DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available!

Posted: 27 Jan 2018, 12:45
by daniel_reetz
Hmm, not sure why this is not in the main zip file. I think it ended up that way because these parts are designed to be cut from 1/2" material. The DXF does not include the mitered angle on the edge of the part, you will probably need to create that manually.

Re: DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available!

Posted: 27 Jan 2018, 12:52
by daniel_reetz
You may also find this guide useful: ... k-scanner/

I did that guide in conjunction with Make Magazine. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with it. They require you to provide an "alternative" for any part in the design. There are some pretty stupid alternatives that ended up in the tutorial. Still, it is a solid guide that will help you understand some of the build issues.

Re: DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available!

Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 05:04
by Johannes
Hello everybody!

I'm also new to this forum, but very enthusiastic about making my own book scanner. My friend has ability to make CNC parts.

I'm little confused about different filetypes and CNC... To where do I need .stl-files, which I can find from here

And does this .zip-file include plans for every part of the scanner and also the cradle wing? Or I need to use that separate file. ...

Gustavo, I'm very interested in, how does your project go on :) Maybe you could share, which camera models you use and lighting etc.


Re: DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available!

Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 11:40
by duerig
Johannes, I believe that the cradle wing is in there as well. You won't want to cut it out of 19mm baltic birch plywood. You will instead need to cut it out of 12mm plywood. If the cradle wing isn't part of that file, let me know and I can link you to a DXF for just the cradle wing.

That may be the laser-cutting version as well. If you need the CNC version and you don't see dogbones, let me know and I can get you an appropriate file.

Regarding the file types, STL is nice for being able to see the whole 3-dimensional version of it that you are aiming for. But you use the DXF 2D design files for cutting out the plywood. Then on several pieces you will want to do secondary operations with a drill, saw, or normal router to get that 3-dimensional shape.

Best of luck in your project. And either I or Daniel can likely give you advice on building it as you go along.

-Jonathon Duerig