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Hackerspace Scanner for Sale: $350 - Columbia, SC

Posted: 21 Nov 2016, 13:49
by DrCheap
I'm moving and need to downsize. I'm also just not using the scanner that much anymore, so I'd like to clear it out.

Asking $350 for the whole kit. That's scanner, platen glass, cameras, trigger, the works.

No shipping. Pickup or local delivery (within 30 minutes of Columbia, SC) only.
Can be available for you to inspect/view or pickup pretty much any day after Nov. 28. (but not before!)

It's a plywood Hackerspace model with the skate bearings, LED light, etc. Was cut by Rob from this forum (aka halfbakedmaker).
I used museum glass for the platen, which was $60 for the two panes of glass, but means pretty much zero glare.
It has a van de Kamp stereo usb trigger for triggering both cameras simultaneously (no need for the bikehandle / manual triggers).
Cameras are a pair of Canon A480 Powershots. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. Includes a/c adapters for the cameras, so no camera batteries needed.
Includes the 2 sdhc cards (4gb each) with the CHDK firmware installed.
I also have attached video monitors to the cameras so you can see what the cameras see while you're scanning.
I found putting a little foam in the book cradle helpful, so I also added that, but it's just sitting in there, so you can easily take it out.
Oh, and I attached the top and bottom half with bolts and wingnuts to secure them together while still being easy to take apart / flip over the top.
The only thing I'd recommend doing to smooth out operation of this unit is sanding the tracks the cradle rolls on -- I painted everything before assembling it and the paint job made the tracks a little tight, so it doesn't roll as smoothly as you might like. In the three years or so that I've had it running it never bothered me enough to actually fix it, but I could see someone else being annoyed.
You can also take the small ikea desk it's sitting on in the pictures, if you like.

Pictures of the scanner can be viewed at this link: ... sp=sharing

Re: Hackerspace Scanner for Sale: $350 - Columbia, SC

Posted: 08 Dec 2016, 10:45
by DrCheap
This is no longer available.
There were no offers or replies, so I have donated the scanner.