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A bookscanner in Toronto, Canada or nearby?

Posted: 03 Apr 2017, 09:26
by scann
Hello everyone,

This year is CC's Global Summit ( and they have asked me if it's possible to bring a DIY BookScanner to the event. The thing is that I'm based in Argentina and while Duerig has already offered to sell me a spare Archivist, the thing is that I really don't want to go through customs control with that huge thing (I've already done it a couple of years ago, but I'm getting old and tired to carry that thing around). If someone has any DIY Book Scanner, is based around Toronto or nearby, can we talk about the possibility to show it on the Summit? It's an interesting opportunity also to make connections and get to know awesome people from the Open Community!

Send me a private message or write me an email at scannopolis [at] in case you're interested.