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FOR SALE: 2-Wire Keyed Electrical Quick-Disconnectors

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FOR SALE: 2-Wire Keyed Electrical Quick-Disconnectors

Post by univurshul » 29 Sep 2010, 16:15

After being completely fed up with standard electrical terminals, I've recently purchased a lot of 100 units of the following: 14" 18AWG 2-Wire Keyed Locking M/F Quick-Disconnect Connectors.

These make ideal electronic quick disconnects for components on scanning rigs. I haven't actually received the shipment yet, but it appears there's 100 male and 100 female connections total in the order

Yes to Paypal. I'll sale them individually or in bulk; will ship worldwide. Pricing will come later, but they'll basically be fractioned cost + shipping. And darn cheap considering the cost of standard terminals.

Don't settle for pathetic wiring, buy some keyed connectors. If your interested, PM or reply below.
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