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Almost-Complete scanner available in n. virginia

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Almost-Complete scanner available in n. virginia

Post by unflinching » 14 May 2011, 13:26

Hi, All,

If there is anyone in the northern virginia area (alexandria to be exact), that's looking for a quick headstart on their scanner project, I have a 99% complete scanner i'm willing to sell at cost.

I followed the instructions in this post: http://www.diybookscanner.org/forum/vie ... ?f=1&t=333 for the most part.

I'm selling it because I literally have no tools, which means I've had to beg people to let me use their garages to do anything with it, and I'm also moving to Arizona and can't lug this with me unfortunately. I'll have to start from scratch again once I'm there.

Like I said it is 99% complete. The only issue I'm having with it is there was too much resistance on the rollers for the platen so it was pretty hard to lift up and down. Just figure out a way to attach it better and you're set.

I'm including two A1000IS 10MP cameras that I got for it. They both have power supplies, and I've taken off the front and soldered the shutter to two wires on it so you can take photos from a button. At the moment I have it hooked up to a RF receiver to activate the shutters (which you're welcome to take), but that's probably overboard and you could do just as well with any other button.

Here are some pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/260898/ ... r?h=5313c6
Here are some videos:

I'm asking $300, which is a little less than what I've spent on it, I'm not trying to turn a profit. Obviously you'd have to pick it up in Alexandria, there's no shipping this thing :P

Any questions let me know.



Re: Almost-Complete scanner available in n. virginia

Post by yamanassaf » 04 Jun 2011, 06:27

I know this may seem off topic, I am just curious about how you made the wireless trigger? would you be able to give me the link for the wireless trigger DIY thread. I appreciate it


Re: Almost-Complete scanner available in n. virginia

Post by graycloud79 » 22 Jun 2011, 12:37

I would like to buy it from you.


Re: Almost-Complete scanner available in n. virginia

Post by unflinching » 07 Aug 2011, 14:46

Wow, sorry to both of you I didn't get notified of your response by email :(. But regardless I was out of town for the last few months.

I still have the unit, I'm dropping the price to 200 as I need to get rid of it (it's just using up space), plus I'm taking out the wireless trigger. It had some sort of feedback issue and was causing the cameras to snap photos all by themselves.

It still has the soldering on the cams and two wires for each, so you can rig up a simple button.

And again remember that it's not fully complete yet as I haven't been able to attach the platen to the vertical pole yet.

If you're interested it'd probably be better to EMAIL me because obviously I neglect this forum too much. :(

Thanks again


Re: Almost-Complete scanner available in n. virginia

Post by unflinching » 07 Aug 2011, 14:52

Here's what I spent on parts so far:

Canon A1000IS 79.38 amazon used
Canon A1000IS 65.00 ebay used
AC Adapters 21.90 ebay from china
Wood & Screws 47.41 home depot
Platen 11.08 home depot
Lamps and etc. 76.82 home depot
total 301.59

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