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Main Site Translation

Posted: 03 Jul 2016, 19:28
by duerig
You may have noticed a new main site going live a while back. I spent some time trying to distill some of the information from the forum and the old site into a useful introduction and guide for new users. I also split things up into a few different pages so that things are a bit less dense. Take a look here:

In May, Scann took the time to translate everything into Spanish so now we have multi-language documentation. But now that we have the basic structure to be multi-lingual, there is no reason to limit ourselves to two languages. So I have put up the source files for the site in a new repository here:

This includes the template files for the site and YAML files with the text for both the English and Spanish versions of the site. If you would like to submit improvements to the site or new translations, feel free to send pull requests or email me or Scann. Email