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how to stream camera app live feed to pc?

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how to stream camera app live feed to pc?

Post by jinjin12 » 20 Sep 2012, 23:09

i'm on an iphone 4, how do i get what my camera app is showing live to my pc so i can view what it's viewing there? there already some app call qik that does some live streaming and records it but i don't need something like that because 1) i just need the live feed only, no recording and 2) it needs to be through the ios camera app. the reason i need this is that i'm doing something where i can't constantly stand up (aka book scanning) and check the camera on the screen and adjust the camera from the top so i need to adjust the camera from the bottom while i'm sitting and need the live feed on the pc. if no one knows what i'm talking about, then it's something similar to the EOS uility for pc for the canon SLR cameras. something like this except without all the fancy controls, i just need the live feed.

Canon EOS Utility- Control Camera with your Computer!!! - YouTube

is there a way to do this for the iphone? i plan on using the ipod earphones to remotely take pictures.

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Re: how to stream camera app live feed to pc?

Post by snaguy » 21 Sep 2012, 11:09

Try google searching "mirror iphone to pc"

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