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TTS: Text To Speach

Discussions, questions, comments, ideas, and your projects having to do with DIY Book Scanner software. This includes the Stereo Data Maker software for the cameras, post-processing software, utilities, OCR packages, and so on.
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TTS: Text To Speach

Post by darkenvy » 13 Jul 2013, 00:30

Hey guys,
I'm currently using this awesome app I found on the ipad app market to read me PDF text books I made out loud. I plug this into my car while I'm driving and have my own homemade audiobooks. The problem is that it renders live and sounds pretty robotic despite being shareware. What I would really like is to find some quality software where I could render the book entirely in mp3/wav so it does not render live, and have a more realistic voice.

How much would something like this cost? Anyone know from experience of any good software? Even if it does not render live, I could use "wavtap" with it for OSX or old fashion physical loopback to record it. So no worries there.

Anyone else like audiobooks?

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Re: TTS: Text To Speach

Post by pav » 16 Jul 2013, 22:05

http://www.ivona.com/en/news/amazoncom- ... -software/

I have good experience with this software, I do not use iphone though and only use macs if I have to. Android app and voices are free at the moment. Wikipedia says: "IVONA is compatible with Windows, Unix, Android, Tizen, iOS based systems".

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