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software to automatically remove fingers?

Posted: 28 Jun 2014, 14:41
by Adam32
I have just purchased a Fujitsu Scansanp SV600 scanner which is a nice piece of hardware and does a good job of scanning books. Despite this I am not very impressed with the post processing software. With the Fujitsu software It is quite a tedious job of having to go through each page of the book and remove my fingers. Does anyone know if there is any software out there that can automatically recognise fingers and remove them from images automatically?

I know I could define a crop area in acrobat, however many of the books I am scanning seem to have margins in different places, so this does not work. One option I though about is wearing some brightly covered gloves (a color in sharp contrast to the book I am scanning - e.g. Red ) which may make it easier for software to detect.

I know I could just use a piece of glass and not use my fingers to hold the page, however my main requirement is speed of scanning (I have a lot of books to digitize) and I don't want anything that will slow the scanning process down.

So any ideas of post processing software to accomplish what I want? I don't mind free or commercial software - my only requirement is what does the job the best.

Many thanks

Re: software to automatically remove fingers?

Posted: 28 Jun 2014, 22:43
by duerig
Have you tried Scan Tailor? There is a sub-forum devoted to it with installation instructions, etc. I recommend watching the tutorial video. One of the important things it does is that it detects the text within the page pretty consistently. This lets you make sure that margins remain consistent and any peripheral obstructions like fingers should just go away in most cases.

The other piece of software people here use a lot for post-processing is Book Scan Wizard, but I haven't tried that yet.

Best of luck.

Re: software to automatically remove fingers?

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 13:02
by Adam32
Thanks Duerig for your suggestion. I downloaded Scan Tailor today and it seems to be doing a very good job at recognizing the text and thus removing fingers. So am really happy with it. The only thing that I find does not work so well is the deskew and it does not sort out wavy text. For this I seem to be getting the best results with omnipage or abby fine reader image tools.

Re: software to automatically remove fingers?

Posted: 04 Dec 2017, 05:44
by LauraKK

For finger removal issue you mentioned, I'll recommend CZUR ET16 Plus and its book scanning software.

Generally speaking, I and my friends compared operation of CZUR ET16 Plus to Fujitsu Snapscan SV600 (Fujitsu is sending their SV600 to some hospitals in Vietnam for trial). The result is ET16 Plus has a lot of advantages over SV600, have more function for hardware and especially for software our products overwhelms as a lot of function SV600 doesn’t have.

Smart processing software of CZUR flattens the curved pages automatically while recognizing and cropping fingers from the final scan. In this way, scanned file is clean, clear and finger-free every time.

BTW, CZUR costs less than Fujitsu and I think the former one is much more cost-effective.
It's also a high-speed book scanner which takes only 1-2 seconds to scan a single or dual pages. I'd like to say that CZUR may be a better choice.

Learn it on official website and Amazon page.
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