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LeptonicaSharp - Wrapper for Leptonica Library

Posted: 07 Sep 2018, 08:46
by Phreak

the last weeks i developed on a wrapper for Leptonica called LeptonicaSharp.
You can find it here:
Its a dll to call all! leptonica functions (over 3000) from c# or and Show
the Results directly in the internal viewer and convert internal bitmaps.
This Library supports many things for Imaging and scanned documents like
automatic deskewing, dewarping, background removal and much more.
It contains the full documentation from the C-Files and all Properties
provided by the different classes.

Please help me and support this project.
What you can do:
- Write tests and provide usage examples
- define some function defaults to be applied (e.g. Function X Value y is Default 0)
- define some missing Enumerations instead of Integer values.
Look@the XML File how to define both
- provide extensions

Thank you