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Workflow suggestions?

Posted: 16 Apr 2011, 16:47
by kirkmc
Hi, I'm not interested in scanning lots of books, but because of allergies to book mold or mildew, I have a handful of books I need to scan. Can anyone recommend the best tools for this?

I use a Mac, and would like advice on a fast scanner (at least fast for B/W scans), and what software is best post-scan to compile book files. I don't really need OCR; PDFs will be fine, though I might want to OCR parts of them later.

Thanks for any advice!

Re: Workflow suggestions?

Posted: 05 May 2011, 05:44
by E^3
Hello There,

I think you need this development, software to scan books ... enshot.png

if you are interested just comment in this blog and we'll see what I can do for you.