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koreader on kobo aura one

Posted: 25 Jan 2017, 07:25
by Konos93a
just wanna say that this thing is awesome. look from 21.26 and after for informations and ... p?t=209276

Re: koreader on kobo aura one

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 07:47
by Konos93a
i just realized that djvu is better than pdf . in koreader it run much better and faster and has almost 7 times less space than pdf .

i used Djvu small a program that drag n drop tiff files and gives you djvu . you can find that here (if you press it will download ) and with a programm with name handyoutliner i take boomarkjs from ocr images in abbyfinereader and put them in djvu with WinDjview