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tripod that can take pictures downwards?

Posted: 20 Sep 2012, 23:17
by jinjin12
1) anyone know a decent tripod, under or around $40 that can taking pictures downwards? aka 90 degree tilt. similar functions to an enlarger and copy stand in that it lets the camera face down. i need to take pictures of books by placing them on the ground and i need something decent

2) anyone knows of a tripod like the one described above, but for the iphone? it should be medium sized, not too big like a normal tripod the ones i found on amazon were too short and small and none could really tilt the iphone 90 degrees. actually it doesn't even have to tilt 90 degree, even less than that as long as this iphone tripod is medium size, above 9 inches and below 20 inchs. anyone know of one?