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AABBYY Fine Reader and I

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AABBYY Fine Reader and I

Post by BillGill » 18 Sep 2017, 09:53

I switched to Fine Reader when I got my new Win10 computer a while back and since them I have been having problems with formatting. I use Fine Reader just for the OCR part, then do my final editing in Open Office Writer. Fine Reader has the capability of saving the document as an OO file (*.odt). But when I do that the file winds up being in terrible shape in regards to the format. I started by letting it save it and then launch OO. That winds up being the worst way as far as I can see. Saving it and reopening it manually in OO doesn't work much better. Then I tried saving as an RTF file. That is finally working. However, I can't have Fine Reader launch OO when I save the file, because if I do the Fine Reader formatting overrides the OO default formatting. The biggest thing is that it winds up being in what appears to be the Fine Reader default font, Dejuvu sans. The thing about that is that I have set Fine Reader to use Times New Roman. It also uses the OO default paragraph format, which I have overridden with my own default paragraph format. However, I have finally worked out a procedure that works for me.

1 Load and recognize the document.
2 Save the document in the RTF format, but don't automatically launch Open Office.
3 Launch Open Office and create a New text document.
4. Using the Insert-file menu item Insert the RTF document into the new document.
5. Save the document as an .odt file.

After that I have a good clean document with my default formatting and no weird formats showing up in it.

There may be some tips that would simplify all of this. If any body has any ideas I would be glad to hear them.


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