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i want to improve my OCR

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i want to improve my OCR

Post by kylefoley2000 » 26 Dec 2011, 03:39

I was working with preview and I saw that i could alter my image by increasing sharpness, contrast, that sort of thing. my ocr does a reasonably good job. it mostly makes a mistake when the lines are slightly warped. scan tailor sort of does a good job in correcting that but it is not 100%. ironically i think scan tailor corrects the problems of warping by simply converting the file from color to black and white, because i don't do any alteration of the lines yet because the engineer as far as i know has not yet automated the process. in any case, does any one know of some techniques i could use to improve my OCRing? I use Abby right now and I have a Mac.

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Re: i want to improve my OCR

Post by Anonymous2 » 30 Dec 2011, 14:33

The process has been automated for about a year now and it works beautifully. You probably aren't using a recent build. Try Scan Tailor Enhanced (it's from 12-13-2011).


Re: i want to improve my OCR

Post by freemab » 01 Mar 2012, 23:42

I think the above information is outdated. Looks like there's a new version of ScanTailor, as of a couple days ago.

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