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OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) or Linux

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OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) or Linux

Post by E^3 » 15 Jul 2010, 08:27

Hi Fellow,

I am having idea about tweaking or porting OCR /Scan Tailor to Gambas (VB for Linux)
I do believe that there are more features and enhancement if it could possibly done.


and the inherited power of VB to Linux.

My apology for that excitement,




Re: OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) or Linux

Post by Tim » 15 Jul 2010, 10:05

Given that there is only a single developer for Scantailor right now and he has way more that he would like to implement than he has time for, I can say with near certainty that porting to a new programming language would only happen if someone were to take that up completely on their own. And then I can't see that much would be gained since the current developer would continue in the current language that he is comfortable with.

In other words, no vale la pena. (Sorry I don't do Tagalog)

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Re: OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) for Linux

Post by E^3 » 15 Jul 2010, 10:24

Hi Sir Tim,


Actually I am very happy to be a member of Book Scanner Group (more power to Sir Reetz)
And you were all right Sir Tim, Tulon is almost alone developing ScanTailor.

Just want to announce if anybody out there(who had the same interest to tweak it)
Coz, there are alot of application program dealing with Stereoscopic Vision (tien Software)
done in VB6(Gambas in Linux) also ported vice versa with OpenGL).If these would be the case
from imaging ->OCR->cropping -> conversion(PDF) will just one on the go.

Recently ,I have downloaded ScanTailor scode and seems Mr. Tulon had a long journey for ScanTailor
development so, I had two options to choose for do: the scantailor continuations and put some controls/functions
or do the porting and the rest would be easy for the controls/functions

Again, my apology for being so much excited.

Maraming Salamat po!(Thank you very much)


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Re: OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) or Linux

Post by daniel_reetz » 30 Jul 2010, 09:44

hey E^3, I'm not much of a programmer, but I just bought a new laptop to start playing with computer vision, and I'm going to load it up with Linux only... so maybe we'll see some more progress on this front.

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Re: OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) or Linux

Post by n9yty » 30 Jul 2010, 14:44

For what it's worth, I think Tulon has done a most fabulous job, and has chosen cross-platform tools. The app builds on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X without problems. You can't say that about a lot of stuff out there. And, that is not to say that hooks couldn't be put into Scan Tailor to call external binaries to handle particular functions, but then you run into the problem of making sure those binaries are also fully cross-platform. I have never done anything with the Qt frameworks before, or the supporting Boost libraries that Tulon is using, but I was able to build a distributable Mac OS X binary in just a few days time because I didn't have to worry about modifying the source code, it just worked. (See the ScanTailor thread for a link to the OS X binary if interested).

Not to discourage or dampen the enthusiasm, but for the purpose it was designed for, (or at least what I imagine it was designed for {smile}) ScanTailor is tremendous! If you can't get your scanned data into a format ready and optimized for OCR using this, then something is wrong. :) There are many features that are "out of scope" for the project, like the scanning itself, and an option to take the final output files and make a combined PDF ready for passing into FineReader or some other OCR software, etc., but there are many tools to do these kinds of things, even ones that are scriptable to put into a workflow easily.

More options are great, so start writing that code. :lol:

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Re: OCR/ScanTailor ported in Visual Basic(Gambas) or Linux

Post by E^3 » 17 Aug 2010, 04:59

Hello to everybody.

Actually, these are all great software because of the dedications of each programmers.
Tulon for Scantailor
Decapod for Mellow Foundation Team
OCR and Tesseract shared in google

My experienced was when I downloaded Decapod I have found out more
engines that it is using for scanning applications.Say for example:
gPhoto has a CLI link
OCR Opus has CLI link
genPDF ,glyph**?(PDF generator) has CLI link

So i think if Scan-Tailor has also a CLI link

I have no doubt that there is the best way of building a best
software on scanning work -flow. So I am anticipating Gambas
to pulled all this engine.

Hope somebody out there could have an interest too , though I am starting it
now and release if its ok for anybody to use.



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