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SpreadsPi and PowerShot SX160

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SpreadsPi and PowerShot SX160

Post by nitram8 » 03 May 2015, 09:58

I have set up the DIYBOOKSCANNER from Mark (markvdb; diybookscanner.eu). The system should be stand-alone. So control by raspberry pi is the first intention. The concept of SpreadPi is great as it could be controlled easily by anyweb device on my network including mobiles and tablets. So lot a of non-computer freaks could help me in the actual handling of the scanning.

The recommended Powershot A1400 or A2200 are more or less not available in Germany. Even on ebay you can hardly catch on. So I bought one PowerShot SX160 as a prove of concept.

In fact the first trials with SpreadPi and the PowerShot SX160 (one camera) were not very encouraging. The application crashes, sometimes the camera shoots, sometimes
not. One one day it is working, next day not. With two SX160 it working now more reliable. So the only one camera could be a problem.

However, the downloaded images (JPEG) ar ot readible neither on windows or linux. The SX160 works well with CHDKPTP even with direct download to the PC
(on windows 7 with TwoCamContro by nod5.dcmembers.com - a great program, THANKS to the author!) So it should be possible.

My current set-up:
- Raspberry B+
- USB foot pedal
- Two PowerShot SX 160
- CHCDK 1.3.0 - 4152 (DE)
- SpreadPi immage dated 2015-04-26 (image dated 2015-05-01 does not boot at all)

I got the following error messages:
- Non raw set-up in SpreadPi: "Thumbnail is not in JPEG format". Downloaded JPEGs are not readible.
- Raw set-up in SpreadPi: "Could not find EXIF data"

Any ideas how I could adapt SpreadsPi to PowerShot SX160. Are there any specific camera files on the SpreadsPi immage and fix the JPEG downlowd issue.

Thanks for help


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Re: SpreadsPi and PowerShot SX160

Post by markvdb » 25 May 2015, 11:44

Hello nitram8,

I realise you can see the progress of your bug report yourself, but it might also be useful for others to see: https://github.com/DIYBookScanner/spreads/issues/190 .

Kind regards,


P.S. We have been supporting Anthony Dong as much as possible to get the ixus160/elph160 supported. This is a newer model camera, cheap, higher resolution and easy to procure. Follow his progress at https://github.com/adongy/ixus160_elph160/ and http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=12321.50 .
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