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Need some help with OCR

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Need some help with OCR

Post by itsme » 22 Sep 2011, 14:26


Our DIY-bookscanner ( 2x s95 with CHDK) is builded but now we are stuck with the processing of the pictures. :(

We have a Windows computer and a HQ jpg to test. The jpg is 2.2MB and only contain 1 page of a book. I've been searching and testing for some time but i don't get a good result.

So to be shure: what programs ( OCR, Windows) do we need to get a pdf wich is searchable? A link is also good.

Thank you in advance


Re: Need some help with OCR

Post by quân » 19 Nov 2011, 22:30

You can use Tesseract or one of its GUI frontends, e.g., VietOCR, to recognize the image. Make sure your images are scanned or captured with 300-DPI resolution. Once you get the text output, you can print to a PDF virtual printer using PDFCreator.

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