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BookScanWizard 2.0

Discussion about Steve DeVore's Book Scan Wizard, a power-user package to automate scan processing.
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Re: BookScanWizard 2.0

Post by kempelen » 07 Mar 2014, 18:07

ScaleToFirst: that does not change anything if crop is created according to the video, copying the same rectangle, does it? (I keep it, I just want to understand if there is any difference.)

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Re: BookScanWizard 2.0

Post by steve1066d » 07 Mar 2014, 20:29

Correct.. If your source rectangles are all the same size ScaleToFirst does nothing. If the images are the same size the resizing is skipped.

That's weird with the gray.. I'll try doing some testing under linux and see if I can reproduce it.

Yes, it is best to do the ScaleToFirst or any scaling before converting to black & white. You can move the conversion to black and white to the end. I should probably change the default location for that operation (I normally work with grayscale or color output images).

You can for the most part do things in whatever order makes sense for your process.

The box surrounding the DPI code should be square if it printed correctly. (3" x 3" or 7.6cm x 7.6 cm). If it isn't, check in your printer settings and make sure that any scaling or resizing is turned off.
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