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Scantailor output JPEG files?

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Scantailor output JPEG files?

Post by jaffamuffin » 19 Nov 2014, 06:37

Hi all

I'm processing JPEG files and don't need the space and time to output the (fullcoulour) TIFS. The closest option is output in JPG compressed TIF, but then I have to convert using imagemagick to JPG.

Can I get Scantailor to output JPGs directly?

Can I extract the JPG data from the TIF without a re-compression stage ?


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Re: Scantailor output JPEG files?

Post by victoriaaustralia » 22 Nov 2014, 06:43

I have used light resizer for batch conversion (you don't mention OS or Windows environment) with great ease and success in Windows.
I don't recall what it did to the sizes however.

In Windows, once installed there is a useful option added to a right click context box - click on an image and resize/convert just that, right click on a folder and do the same to the contents.
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