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Changing the output directory after the project was saved

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Changing the output directory after the project was saved

Post by DSpider » 12 May 2010, 05:24

I have a 100 GB ext3 Linux shared partition (formatted with 128 inode) which I use for cross compatibility with Windows XP. It's mounted via Ext2Fsd as Read-Only and it's where most of my raw scans are. After creating a few projects on an NTFS drive and moving them there, it seems now I can't process them ! :lol: And rather than creating a new project with a different "out" directory I was wondering if I could just open the *.ScanTailor file with Notepad and change project outputDirectory="". Will Notepad break the sintax ?

Thank you.

PS: Scan Tailor doesn't have a Preferences menu or a "Change Output Directory" option. *hint hint* ;) *wink* *wink*


Hmmm... It seems you can. I would put a '[SOLVED]' in the title but, sadly, it has a character limit. Anyway, problem solved.

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Re: Changing the output directory after the project was save

Post by Tulon » 12 May 2010, 08:40

Yes, you can, and currently that's the only way to do it. I wouldn't use Notepad though, but rather an editor that handles UTF-8 and different kinds of newlines well. Notepad++ would be my choice.
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