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How to keep book pages flat (straight)

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How to keep book pages flat (straight)

Post by dukeyour » 16 Sep 2009, 15:11

I am pretty impressed by all the projects here. I used to scan my books using flatbed scanner and I believe that I will build one myself borrowing the wonderful ideas from here.

One question for you guys (those who showed off your products). The books, especially those thick ones, or new ones, used to be curved when laid opened freely. How do you keep the page straight while shooting in order to get a non-distored image?


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Re: How to keep book pages flat (straight)

Post by daniel_reetz » 16 Sep 2009, 17:07

Hi dukeyour, welcome to the forums. Consider introducing yourself in the "hello thread".

The pages are held flat by the platen (the V-shaped glass or acrylic construction). There is quite a bit of discussion in the original Instructable as well as here on the forums. Have a search for "platen" and see if that gives you a better idea of how we've handled this problem.

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