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TwoCamControl - fast two camera chdkptp photos (Windows)

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Re: TwoCamControl - fast two camera chdkptp photos (Windows)

Post by Jerzy » 08 Nov 2018, 17:52

dtic wrote:
08 Nov 2018, 11:24
I do think that error is because the SX130IS lack filewrite support. See the "No" in 4th column for the line SX130IS here http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CameraFeatureTable . You can try using TwoCamControl without direct download of images to the PC. Instead you'd then save them to the SD cards and later manually transfer them all over to the PC in one go outside of TwoCamControl. To try that save to camera mode uncheck the "PC save" checkbox in the setup tab.

It may be possible to add filewrite support to certain cameras by improving the CHDK firmware. That is something you'd have to ask about in the CHDK forums and would likely also involve you spending time testing firmware code on your cameras.
Oh thank you! It really works when I donť save it to PC. It saves those images right to the SD card, which is not so bad...

Btw I did try both stable and newest chdks, several versions of chdkptps and I operate with two firmwares - c and f. Everything gives the same error on PC transfer.

I also had to remove -cmdwait=600 from rsint options. It caused another error. Now it works well.

The photos are a little bit dark, I'll go ahead and try to tweak it.

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Re: TwoCamControl - fast two camera chdkptp photos (Windows)

Post by nafraf » Yesterday, 22:15

@Jerzy, if you are able to test a new CHDK version I can try to add support for filewrite task.
I need to know the firmware version of your cameras, after that I'll post a test version to chdk forum.

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