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Garden LED and flicker

All about lighting. LED, CFL, Halogen, Other? Questions and info about lighting go here.
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Garden LED and flicker

Post by yello » 08 Jan 2016, 03:34

I wonder, I see many designs where people use that garden floodlight LED lamps. They are strong and cheap, but don't you get problems with flicker?

When I take pictures of (cheap) 220V LED lamps with my digital cam or phone the images have strong stripes. I attached an image from a cheap LED filament bulb. Other LEDs can look the same, it all depends on the driver.

I would probably would use a DC driver to avoid that.

Just wondering if anybody here had that problem....
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Re: Garden LED and flicker

Post by duerig » 08 Jan 2016, 13:00

I have heard about this problem, though I haven't seen it myself. The solution is to use a DC driver and LED just as you were thinking.

Most of the designs which use AC lights rely on CFL or Halogen bulbs instead of LED bulbs.


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