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Lizardtech virtual printer

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Lizardtech virtual printer

Post by Nichtraucher » 18 Mar 2016, 18:47

Hello lads and ladettes :)

has anybody experience with the Lizardtech virtual printer? I'm a bit reluctant to use it as conversions seem to take quite some time. I've also had some difficulties with the character recognition.

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Re: Lizardtech virtual printer

Post by duerig » 22 Mar 2016, 11:52

I haven't used the Lizardtech Virtual Printer before. So far, I have stuck with djvubind:


It uses tesseract for OCR. But I have found that binding with OCR is extremely slow as well. I think this means that OCR is just going to be slow no matter which program you use. Mostly, I gave up on OCR for searchability and just ran it without OCR.


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Re: Lizardtech virtual printer

Post by b0bcat » 29 Jan 2017, 15:05

Has anyone got a link to the MS Windows version of LizardTech Virtual Printer? I'm wondering if it has been 'disappeared' :?: or has changed name as I'm not finding it ...

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