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Hand scanner issue

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Hand scanner issue

Post by fabiorem » 01 Jul 2017, 11:43

This issue happened yesterday.

My scanner is a hand scanner, name is iScan. It looks like a wand and is very portable: http://www.ecomall.my/image/data/simlei ... otan@1.jpg


The image have this smudge in one of the sides. Depending on how you use the scanner it can appear down or up the page, but it's coming from the same side where is the display. In the image is the upside. This is bad for the color books which I was planning to scan.

I tried in other books and is happening all the same. I can't open the scanner as the screws are stuck. What would be the issue with this one? Should I buy a new one?

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Re: Hand scanner issue

Post by Librum » 06 Jul 2017, 00:16

Have similar unit. VuPoint Magic Wand. Shelved. Issue is flaky switches. I have had to take it apart to clean, and it is a pain. If you can not get to the 'glass' with a lens wipe, you are pretty much stuck with having to disassemble. Considering the cost, I would toss it.
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