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Scan Tailor Advanced

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by 4lex4 » 02 May 2018, 15:00

0kelvin wrote:
01 May 2018, 10:50
Noticed that blank pages causes scantailor to crash when exporting pages, if there is no content box.
What the version in the about dialog? You seem to use an old version.

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by Shyamasundara » 09 May 2018, 02:26

bokane wrote:
22 Feb 2018, 01:12
Wonderful to see more updates to Scan Tailor -- thanks for your hard work!

Has anybody managed to get this to compile on OSX? I'm running into errors when I try to build it; these would probably be fixable if I spent an afternoon Googling, but I'd be extremely grateful if someone could just post an executable.
Have you been able to get a working version for High Sierra? The old version I had that worked on my old Mac with Mavericks doesn't work on the latest macOS. It would really help if a working Mac version could be made available because I have never tried compiling from original code and it looks like it would be too easy to mess things up and spend a lot of time running circles when you have no experience in such matters.

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by gautxori » Today, 21:38

Could we see a feature like this implemented in "Advanced"?
delta margins.png
delta margins.png (4.95 KiB) Viewed 3 times
What i'm trying to suggest is to add numerical fields to set margins incrementally from current ones. So that only ticked increments would be modified (ticks are on the right to the "delta" column and they affect only the field they follow. I dimmed all the numerical fields but the ticked one meaning all but this are disabled, and would not be modified. As soon as a delta field would be ticked, remaining numerical fields should be disabled).

That would let us change the margin for several pages with the same incremental value, provided the pages were selected.

I'd also like to see a similar feature for the content boxes.

Also, it would be very helpful if in the .Scantailor project file all selected pages would be identified, with a selected="selected" attribute (currently, no matter which pages are selected, that attribute is only set for the currently displayed page(!).

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