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Scan Tailor Advanced

Scan Tailor specific announcements, releases, workflows, tips, etc. NO FEATURE REQUESTS IN THIS FORUM, please.
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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by 4lex4 » 17 Jul 2018, 15:43

New feature levels should provide means to upgrade existing work to the new features. It should not be to difficult to provide this with the new level.
The project is an opensource, I don't object to you doing it yourself if it should be so easy as you think. I haven't so much time to waste it on managing compatibility for project files between pre-release versions instead of making really useful things. Just use the appropriate version for old project files.

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by seldor » 18 Jul 2018, 07:56

I really appreciate your work and thanks for providing a donate link which I just recently used :)
Maybe it would be a good compromise to just add a notice to the release notes whenever the format changes (or does it change with every version by definition? I guess not)
Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for your effort!

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by babul » 19 Jul 2018, 04:27

Hey, donated recently as well. Keep up the good work!

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by codeone » 23 Jul 2018, 08:44

Shyamasundara wrote:
09 May 2018, 02:26
bokane wrote:
22 Feb 2018, 01:12
Wonderful to see more updates to Scan Tailor -- thanks for your hard work!

Has anybody managed to get this to compile on OSX? I'm running into errors when I try to build it; these would probably be fixable if I spent an afternoon Googling, but I'd be extremely grateful if someone could just post an executable.
Have you been able to get a working version for High Sierra? The old version I had that worked on my old Mac with Mavericks doesn't work on the latest macOS. It would really help if a working Mac version could be made available because I have never tried compiling from original code and it looks like it would be too easy to mess things up and spend a lot of time running circles when you have no experience in such matters.
I know your inquiries re: macOS are a few months old, now, but I wanted to note I was able to compile in macOS High Sierra on an 2013 Macbook Pro. While I did get some warnings during the build process, nothing failed outright. The latest version of the source (as of 2018-07-23 -- 1.0.16) did appear to build successfully and install...I start ScanTailor Advanced from the Terminal and it just works as far as I can tell, though I haven't stress tested every possible feature. I do see errors in Terminal when running--I think these are related to stylesheets of the UI but they haven't crashed the app and I don't actually have a sense of what isn't being executed.

Still, if anyone would like me to add a HOWTO build Advanced for macOS, I could do that--just let me know if this is still needed and I can write up how I got the source compiled. It's also possible one or more of you did this on your own and with better results than me, so I'd also be happy to hear from people who got this working on their own, too.

I should add that I have had to test a lot of scripts and build a lot of different apps (or tried) from Github and other sources at work, so it's possible my environment was better prepped for this than Macs. Even though I think of my system as a messy bunch of tweaks at the Darwin-level, cleaner, newer Macs may be missing modules and dependencies I hacked into the OS to make some python script run 4 years ago.

Anyhow, thanks to 4lex4 for resurrecting this--the app has clearly been improved with your work. I'm particularly looking forward to any dewarping development--it's a lot better for me and a feature I really need. Here's hoping it continues to progress...very impressed with how far that feature has come.

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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by Benedictus » 27 Jul 2018, 11:23


I went straight off a 2012/2013 incarnation of ST to ST Advanced and I'm impressed, specially about the speed.

I would like to do a couple of suggestions.

First is about consistency in the .scantailor file.

Back in the old ST versions I used to process my images (with ImageMagick or a Photoshop batch action) in order to convert them to BW or grayscale because the content selection was much more accurate over these draft files than over the full color ones. Then I relinked to the full color images, and this required converting every "auto" setting to "manual" so no work done over the "draft" files was altered when relinking to the color files.

I had this written in a batch file which did it automatically. However, in the new ST Advanced .scantailor files there is an inconsistency when writing the deskew settings. With content selection there is no problem because it's just a matter of changing

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

But with deskew, the settings are written under 2 different string formats, which are

Code: Select all

<params mode="auto" angle="whatever">

Code: Select all

<params angle="whatever" mode="auto">
Sure I can do a bit of regexp to detect either format, but it would be nice if the settings were written always with the same format.

A checkbox in the relinking dialog with a "Convert every setting to manual" option would also do it, but maybe that's asking too much :D

Second, I would find quite useful having a way of directly launching an editor to manipulate the file selected in ST. If a particular speckle is hindering content recognition, I have to search the file outside ST, edit it and make ST auto recognize the content again.

It would be nice to just have a keyboard shortcut in ST to open it in the editor, much like this setting in IrfanView:


Which opens the image in any of the 3 editors through Shift+1, 2 or 3.

And that's it.

Thanks again for ST Advanced.
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